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Make your phone ring! A phone call is worth 15 times the value of an email.

‘We Call You Now’ is a button on your web site (like the one to the left) or a link in your email that makes both your phone and your prospect's phone ring so you can talk. Just insert your phone number on the left and hit the call button. In 5 seconds you will hear your phone ringing and when you answer you'll hear our phone ring and we'll be connected. Simple.

Low Fees, Easy to Install and it Works.

This is NOT voice over the internet (VOIP). You do NOT need speakers and a microphone on your PC. This is a regular "land line" telephone call, which also works with mobile phones. This is the simplest and easiest way to convert web and email users into clients/customers.

There is a low monthly fee, only $4.95 USD with call costs under 0.12 USD per minute throughout Australia and to the UK and USA.

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Click here to download a free pdf version of this website. Containing all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

5 Great Reasons Why:

If you are serious about completing sales on line - you need this tool.

Want to turn your email marketing into a real "Call to Action" that works - add the We Call You Now button link.

Two in three people, who start doing business online, don’t complete the transaction but when a We Call You Now button on the site provides an immediate telephone connection to a real person, closures rise to two out of three who do proceed!

If you‘re paying money for Pay Per Click advertising, why not increase your conversion rates with the We Call You Now button?

Bill Gates said at the ETRA Conference in Belgium "In the future, there will not be any significant web sites that do not contain this capability. The question is: How significant do you want your web site to be?"