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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

When a person enters their phone number into your We Call You Now button and clicks call, the system rings them and tells them they are being connected to you. When you answer the phone, they are on the line.

What fees are involved?

This service is available for a low monthly cost of $4.95 USD per month and 0.12 USD per minute from anywhere in Australia and to most countries. 
You can add credit to your account at any time in either USD$20.00* or USD$50.00* lots (*excludes GST). The system will notify you by email when your balance requires a topup. But you can see your balance at anytime when you login. 

When are fees charged?

The monthly fee (USD$4.95) is charged in advance and is deducted from your balance on the 15th of each month. Call charges are deducted from your balance in realtime after the completion of each call.

Can I control when the system operates?

You define the hours during which you want to receive calls, and the countries you wish to include. You may also block specific numbers and turn off the system for a period if you so wish. If your We Call You Now button is clicked outside of your trading hours, it can go to your voicemail or the system displays an unavailable message, and emails you their number to call back.

What reporting of results can I access?

You have access to all the details of calls that have been completed, including phone numbers, so you can compare with sales to ensure you are getting a good conversion rate. Optional Name & Email collection is available with some templates. Call & Billing reports are exportable in .csv an xml formats.

What is my commitment?

You can try the service for as little as USD$20.00* (the minimum credit topup option). There is no contract, and you may cancel the service at any time by letting your balance drop to zero and leaving it there.  The account will be closed when the balance is 0.00 or below on the next monthly fee cycle.

How do I pay?

After you have signed up for an account, you can login and add credit to your account. We use PayPal to process payments. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still pay via PayPal credit card options.

What countries are included?

A complete list of countries and rates are available here.

Do I require any software or hardware?

No, the system does not require any equipment at all. It uses standard telephone lines or mobile phones. No Special headsets or microphones are required. (unlike VOIP services).

How hard is it to install?

All you need to do is "cut and paste" the code into your web site or emails.

Can I have my own button image?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of pre designed button images or create and use your own.

Can I use my Freecall or Tollfree number?

We do not recommend using a Freecall or Tollfree number as your contact number. These systems charge a premium on top of the normal rates. Use your non-tollfree number to get the normal rates (and save!). You can check the call rate of specific numbers via the Rates tab in the Client Area.

Can I change the messages and graphics on the pop up screen?

The We Call You Now Form is standard but you have complete control of all graphics and text around it. Options include header, footer, welcome text, out of hours text and a privacy url.

Can I have multiple numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple numbers for different times of the day for a We Call You Now button.
(For example it can ring to your office during business hours, a mobile from 6:00 to 10:00 and a voice mail number after 10:00 pm.)

You will require a separate account if you wish to have multiple We Call You Now buttons. (For example separate button for sales department, technical support and accounting.)

Who is: "We call you now"?

We Call You Now is an Australian owned and operated company.
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